“Great Art is Living the Present Moment; Freedom Lies Within Each and Everyone.”


Miсhael Smirnov

Hello and welcome to my website. It is great to have you here! Below I would like to share a few words about my work and myself.

My journey as an artist initially began working in an art studio in Moscow. There I had the opportunity to gain my first experiences working with photography, computer graphics and video, which led me to understanding the depths and possibilities and also to forming my own perspective on media art. Ever since my art has been evolving in the search of my own style and way of expression. At this point in time my pieces have been successfully exhibited on a number of platforms and occasions in Russia and Germany. Today my works are in private collections across Russia and Europe. Occasionally, I also organize collaborative art shows and exhibitions partnering with other talented artists.

My work has always been driven by the desire to find ways to show the beauty of the simple things and moments surrounding us in everyday life. A big part of my inspiration is drawn from literature and music, as well as my travels, which I also always aim to document.

Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Herb Ritts, Henri Bresson and Man Ray are just to name a few of incredibly talented people whose work influenced my style and techniques. Another of my passions is cinematography, in particular Bernardo Bertolucci, Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino, Tarsem Singh and Emir Kusturica movies, as well as the colorful world of Japanese movies, which also influence my art greatly.

I watch, take in, appreciate and admire, but never copy.

Artwork is always a challenge; it is a way to implement one’s ideas, but it also puts the artists’ talent, courage and creativity to the test. The picturesque of the mind and individual way of seeing things, one’s curiosity for the world and energy that results from all these impressions – these are the main ingredients for the birth and manifestation of ideas. This is an exciting and inimitable process, one that inspires a profound dialogue with both the outside world as well as one’s inner self.

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